Ralph Nahra

Hi, I'm Ralph! I'm an aspiring software engineer with an interest in web development, networking, mobile devices, and free and open source software.

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My past work

Bombs Away

Bombs Away is a simple, yet challenging physics game where the player must keep balls from hitting the ground by propelling them with strategically-placed explosions. Players' anticipation, coordination, and ingenuity will be put to the test in this hectic, blast-filled game. Bombs Away was developed over the course of a month using the powerful libGDX library. The game implements many physics calculations for gameplay; it also incorporates a retro, arcade-style aesthetic to make it easy for anyone to jump into the game.


ParkHawk was my project idea for HackUIowa 2018, and the goal of ParkHawk is to help students and other residents of Iowa City find free or cheap parking in or around the campus of the University of Iowa. This is made possible by the use of crowdsourced data which is dynamic and easily scalable. By displaying notable parking spaces in map-plotting and list formats, users can easily find a space that will suit their location. Even after HackUIowa 2018, ParkHawk is still under continued development, and may be ready for deployment within the near future.

Twitch Channel Viewer

Originally a practice project for the freeCodeCamp learning platform, this project utilizes the Twitch.tv API in order to retrieve information about various channels on the Twitch platform, and then display that information in a simple, minimalistic, and filterable viewer for the user.

Random Quote Machine

Also a learning exercise for freeCodeCamp, this project is a webpage that gets a quote from a significant individual, and displays it on the page for the user. By utilizing an API with a database of over 70,000 quotes, the user is only a click away from a new quote to think about and be inspired by.

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